Trust and quality are just two of the words most recognisable when clients talk about our language solutions. That’s because they’re at the heart of everything we do.

Your trusted language partner

We’re known for our commitment to delivering language solutions that meet the highest of standards. Our approach to quality and accuracy is evident in our rigorous selection process for translators and interpreters, and the quality of work produced. 

From our quality assurance system that checks the quality of translation work before it’s delivered to our clients, to the meticulous detail taken to ensure the accuracy or industry terminology and legal terms. 

It’s this quality driven approach that rewards us with repeat business and has earned us a strong reputation amongst our client base and the industry sectors we support. 


A long-standing commitment to quality

We’ve delivered translation and interpreting services to our clients for almost 60 years, so we’ve learned a lot about language services over this time – as communication channels evolve and the business world innovates. 

One thing has never changed though, and that’s the highest standards we set ourselves when it comes to delivering translation work and interpreting services. 

Within our business we hold the ISO 9001: 2008 international standard for quality management. What’s more, as we only work with the most experienced linguists, we maintain our high quality and customer service standards. 

Meeting industry standards

We’re proud corporate members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and always adhere to their code of conduct.

This means translation work we deliver to our clients is certified by the ITI so its accuracy and standard can be reassured.

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What our clients say 

We’re delighted when we get great feedback from our clients after we’ve supported them with a language project. You can see what they said below. 

Anne RussellAnne Russell
16:18 26 Jun 22
I have always enjoyed working for EB as translator and interpreter. They are very experienced and professional, and value my contribution/work/comments. I really appreciate their "personal" approach - they take the time to add a personal comment to emails. I have the feeling that I am part of a team which shares the same values of professionalism, and there is mutual respect. It's a pleasure working with EB.
Jose M MonteroJose M Montero
13:11 23 Jun 22
I've been working with EB for many years and it was always a pleasure dealing with any member of the team. They have been always ready to help if any query came by and they are so nice and detail-oriented.. They are on my top five of translation agencies to work with. Always eager a project pops up in my mailbox from EB!
Hanneke Brand-rosmanHanneke Brand-rosman
11:19 23 Jun 22
As a translator, I have been working for Eldon Bureau for many years. The communication is always pleasant, the deadlines are always realistic and the payment is always correct. In short, a very pleasant cooperation which I hope to continue for a long time to come.

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