We offer a range of language services to help organisations remove language barriers and progress their business goals.

We understand language

We provide translation, interpreting and a range of other language services in over 135 languages, including local dialects. 

Whichever language service you need support with, we’ll ensure your work is delivered by an experienced linguist with an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. 



Our translation services offer complete accuracy and precision for all kinds of documents, including short sections of text and large technical documents. With the greatest care and attention taken by our specialists to ensure you receive a highly accurate translation. 

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Our interpreting services can be booked face-to-face where interpreters are needed for your business meetings, conference and legal procedures. We also provide remote interpreting through video technology such as Teams and Zoom. 

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Our proofreading services can be used to check pre-translated documents are correctly translated, so that the meaning of the text is not misinterpreted when read in its native language. This service is especially useful where you have received translated materials but are unsure of the quality of the work, or where machine translation or AI has been used. 

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Our localisation services allow businesses to market your services to customers across a number of different languages. From sales brochures and catalogues to full websites, providing material in a customer’s native language helps to improve their experience. 

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Audio Visual

Our audio visual services help to ensure your audiences can experience video and other media content in their native language. Through the use of subtitles, dubbing and voiceover, user experience can be enhanced to deliver content to people in multiple languages. 

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Our mobilisation services provide support for companies engaging workers overseas. Whether you’re looking for help for workers to understand in-country documentation, or an interpreter to help them feel at ease in their new location and navigate their new country of residence. 

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Personal Documents

Our services are also available if you are looking for support to translate your documents into another language. Where documentation needs to be translated for formal procedures such as mortgage applications and education, we’ll ensure a fast and accurate response.

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A high-quality service, that’s our promise

Here at NRL, we place a great deal of importance on the quality of our language services. We are proud to offer high-quality translation and interpreting services in line with our ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation. 

It’s why we work with only the most experienced linguists and are long-standing corporate members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). Through our corporate membership you have the reassurance that the quality of our translation work is endorsed by them and is delivered in line with their code of conduct. 

New to using a language solutions partner? 

If it’s the first time you’ve needed to engage a company to support you with translation and language services, then you may find our blog that explains how our services work and how to choose the right provider useful.