Translation is the key to managing multi-lingual engineering teams

In the field of engineering, working with complex procedures and technical jargon is a daily requirement. For a truly global organisation operating with a multi-lingual workforce, the importance of using translation to provide clear and accurate documentation cannot be underestimated.

Engaging the services of a skilled translation company, will ensure localised versions of each key safety and process document can be generated.

The importance of translation

At NRL, we understand that language is a powerful tool – enabling both effective communication and compliance. In industries such as engineering, misunderstanding technical documents due to language barriers can lead to significant safety issues. Whereas a mistranslated procedure could create a dangerous situation or significant financial loss and time delays.

From technical manuals to safety protocols, translating essential documentation into the native languages of your workforce not only decreases risks associated with misunderstandings but also ensures compliance with safety regulations. Both of which contribute to a safer and more efficient work environment. Moreover, it aids in building an inclusive business environment, fostering better engagement, and nurturing satisfaction among employees.

Ensuring everyone feels included

Translating essential documents into multiple languages can significantly enhance the feeling of being included among employees. When people can easily read company documents, procedures and safety information in their native language, it helps to demonstrate a deep respect for their cultural identity and fosters an atmosphere where every employee feels valued and included.

Getting the local translation right

However, plain translation isn’t enough. The real key lies in localisation – a service we specialise in here at NRL. Localisation isn’t just about translating words; it’s about ensuring the original message, with its nuances and implied meanings, remains intact in when translated into different languages. The aim is to preserve terminology and, more importantly, the context of the original content, while adapting it to the linguistic and cultural nuances of the target language. Our localisation service ensures that your documentation remains technically accurate and culturally appropriate – regardless of the language it is being translated into.

Work with an experienced translation provider

Engaging a trusted partner to handle your translation needs saves time and prevents costly errors. Our team of translators are adept at understanding industry-specific terminologies and acronyms, particularly in technical and engineering sectors, and can expertly translate documents in more than 135 languages.

Through our localisation service, we can help engineering companies break down language barriers while ensuring that the essence and technical integrity of their original documents are preserved. By doing this, we aid in creating a safer, compliant, and more inclusive environment for multi-lingual workforces.

Our role is to help businesses communicate effectively to their workforce, to help ensure they’re able to deliver the same message to every employee in their native languages. We are pleased to share our expertise to bridge language gaps and foster better understanding within diverse workforces.

We’re always ready to help

Whether you urgently need a document translating into another language, or you’d like to look at how you can embark on a project to create multiple language versions of your key documentation, our team are happy to help.

You can share details of your requirement through our live chat during office hours, by sending us an email or giving us a call.