Rising to the challenge with translation support

For our team working across multiple industries, it’s not unusual to be contacted with an urgent request for translation services, or something a little out of the ordinary. Supporting clients working within sectors such as the legal industry, it’s fast-moving and typically needs to remain reactive to new documentation and tight turnarounds to prepare for cases. Whilst the transport and logistics industry, for example, understands the importance of providing documentation in native languages to ensure safety on-site.

Each sector may operate differently, but one thing remains the same – translation work needs to be delivered accurately and timely. So when companies large and small contact our team for translation support, they understand just how pressing the work is and the urgency to deliver it on time and to schedule.

We chat to the team below to discuss a few recent examples.

Meeting a tight turnaround

When a client arrived at the office at 9am one morning with an urgent request to help rectify translation work for a meeting that same day, Translations Project Manager Veronica explains how the team got straight to work.

“The original translation wasn’t completed by Eldon (now NRL), and on inspection it became clear it was a case of Ukrainian and Russian transliteration in English. The documents needed to be thoroughly checked to identify any mistakes. We have a very talented Ukrainian/Russian speaking translator, who we immediately called so they could support the client. The documents were provided in PDF format though, and when converted to a Word document so the translation could be reviewed, it wasn’t pulling through all the text correctly.
Our team took the decision to manually retype the original translation, so the translator could focus their time on reviewing the document to identify spelling mistakes and make any necessary amends.
Understanding the predicament the client was in, and the pressing deadline, we were able to return back fully checked and corrected documents in less than 2 business hours. Giving the client the correct information to head into their meeting that afternoon.”

Turning around translation

With over 34,000 words that needed translating from English to Portuguese for an important court case, Charlotte explains how the team managed to turn around a complex request 4 working days earlier than initially expected.

“We originally quoted the client around 17 working days, as some of the files also needed transcribing due to the quality of the PDF scans, which can take more time for our translator. The files were delivered in batches to help speed things along, as this helped us manage the control of work required.
Our fantastic translator meticulously worked through the various documents that needed translating, and our client was delighted to have been handed back the final translations 4 working days earlier than expected.”

Translating for site safety

When a Spanish multinational automotive engineering company needed a site map translated into multiple languages to help drivers entering the site safely find their way around, Translations Administration Assistant Charlotte explains how they navigated the request.

“The site information leaflet sent over included an image of a map , with no text that could be extracted. Our client needed to create various language versions in Lithuanian, German, Romanian, Czech and Russian.
To avoid added time and client costs for translation work, we transcribed all the key information from the leaflet into a text format, so it could be more easily shared with our trusted translator. They then promptly returned a bilingual table with all of the contents of the site information leaflet in each language, so it could easily be recreated into various language versions. This also provided our client with a handy reference list, should they need to use varied languages again in the future.”

Delivering translation and interpreting services

Our team have worked with their community of experienced linguists to support companies with translation and interpreting services since 1965 – with complete discretion and privacy.

Supporting translations into more than 135 languages, as well as arranging face-to-face and virtual interpreters for business meetings, formal appointments and court hearings.

Looking for language support for your organisation?