How translation can support international growth in 2024

As businesses define their service and product offering and look for opportunities to continue to grow, the question often arises whether to take the business international. Is there a market in other countries? Would there be enough customers to target a new geographical territory for sales growth?

Another big question that typically arises – how can we communicate with these new customers? Language plays a key role in this, from understanding local culture to ensuring marketing campaigns don’t unintentionally cause offense, and to providing practical support to start up conversations.

For businesses to effectively launch in new countries, a carefully thought-out approach to translation is needed, something which we’re passionate about helping our clients with here at NRL.

Stepping into a foreign market means more than just translating words when it comes to creating new product packaging, advertising and sales presentations. Deeply ingrained in every word are cultural nuances, idioms, and historical contexts that need to be carefully considered.

Our expert translators ensure that business messages convey not just literal meanings but embody the precise tone and context – reflecting a thorough understanding and respect for the local culture.

Developing into new geographical territories also requires the adaption of your services and products to the local market – a process known as localisation. From your marketing materials to your technical documentation, we can ensure they resonate with the local audience, are clear and concise and create multiple language versions of sales, marketing and technical assets.

As global business meetings are added to the business development calendar, the importance of effective communication cannot be understated. Organisations separated by language barriers often find it challenging to present their ideas or fully understand the other party – so our interpreting services bridge this gap.

We work with experienced interpreters, who are equipped with the language skills to facilitate seamless communication, reducing miscommunication, fostering understanding, and paving the way for improved business relations. What’s more, the inclusion of an interpreter to support with meetings helps businesses to demonstrate that they are committed to supporting customers in new territories.

Embracing the local language goes beyond effective business communication — it’s also a statement of empathy, respect, and dedication that can resonate deeply with local customers.

Advertising in local languages yields another crucial advantage — it builds brand credibility. When consumers see a brand communicating in their native language it is instantly recognisable, whilst website pages that are developed for local SEO terms help to grow online search visibility.

If new geographical territories and markets are part of your 2024 business growth plans, then it’s a great time to start working with a language solutions partner.

They’ll be able to provide the support needed to create new product and service propositions in multiple languages, and provide translated versions of sales material, marketing collateral and technical documentation.

Here at NRL, we’ve supported organisations with translation and interpreting support since 1965 – helping them ensure their translation projects are accurate, precise, and culturally sensitive.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our translation, interpreting, and localisation services.